Safety and Life Saving Services

Life Saver Courses

Knight Support offers different types of LifeSaver Courses that range from basic, pediatric and as advanced as pre hospital care. All the LifeSaver courses are delivered to UK standards by our qualified Paramedic Trainers.

Our LifeSaver Courses can also be tailor-made to meet client requirements depending on their environment and location.

Supply of First Aid Kits

Knight Support supplies first aid kits to suit different client requirements.

Fire Prevention and Safety Courses



Knight Support offers both clients and the public courses on fire prevention. The courses are range from basic use of fire extinguishers, fire awareness course, fire warden course as well as Young Fire-fighters courses. All of these courses are delivered to UK standards.

Supply and Installation of Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting systems:

Knight Support recognizes the need for clients to work in a secure and safe working environment. This is why our teams conduct risk assessments, carefully design, supply, install and maintain fire alarm equipment to UK standards. We aim to provide high quality products at cost effective prices.We also supply, install as well as service fire extinguishers and safety signs for all industrial and residential requirements.

e. Security Guard Training

Knight Support offers Security Guard training in two levels – Basic Security Guard Training and Basic Plus Security Guard Training. These courses are designed to guide security personnel security protocols, defense, operational procedures, reporting incidences and basic safety (first aid and fire awareness).