Knight Support Response Services

Knight Support takes high priority in responding to our clients emergencies. Our state of the art Control Room is equipped with the latest hi-tech monitoring stations that can alert our highly experienced and trained Controllers who then coordinate immediate response with our teams. They are able to tell whether the emergency in hand is a security breach, medical emergency or fire. All our Emergency Response Teams are trained in coordinating with each other during any type of emergency to ensure the clients safety and security.

Full Emergency Response Service

Full Emergency Response Service

4 in 1 Emergency Fixed Alarm Response Service Package that includes:

  • Mobile Security Response (2 x panic buttons)
  • Fire and Rescue Response (1 x panic button)     
  • Ambulance and Paramedic Response (1 x panic button)
  • Emergency Vehicle Breakdown Assistance

When any of the buttons are pressed in the event of an emergency, we will know what type of emergency you have and help will be dispatched immediately. Our Control Room staff will contact you to advise that help is on the way.

All medical emergencies will be attended by a paramedic over the phone while help is on the way.

Security Response Service

Some clients prefer not to have Full Emergency Response Service therefore this is the ideal option for Security Response. This package includes installation of 3 x panic buttons.

Ambulance and Fire Response Service

This package is designed mainly for safety of clients. Knight Support offers this package to hotel industry, mining and exploration industry, diplomatic missions and corporates to mention a few.

Ambulance and Paramedic Response

This is a package that supports both local and international insurance companies, clinics and hospitals. This package includes stabilization and transfers of patients to the nearest or preferred medical center.

Knight Guardian Response Service

Knight Guardian is a mobile phone based panic button that can be easily installed onto your Android or IPhone. We offer the below packages under Knight Guardian:

  • Security and Ambulance Response
  • Security Response Ambulance and
  • Paramedic Response

When you press the Knight Guardian panic button we will know where you are and what kind of assistance you need. Knight Guardian is easy to install, easy to use.

Why Knight Guardian:

  • We respond to locations up to 20 kilometers radius of your registered location
  • There are no installation charges
  • No false alarms
  • Affordable
  • Reliable service
  • Up to 4 downloads per client/location

Bubble Tracker – Tracking and Response Service

A Bubble tracker is a matchbox size personal tracking device that uses satellite and mobile phone technology to pinpoint a location live. Knight Support is offering two plans on the Bubble tracker;
Rental: where a monthly fee and refundable deposit is applicable. The monthly fee is inclusive of monitoring and response/assistance.
Purchase: this is inclusive of 12 months subscription to Bubble monitoring.